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Prejudices and clichés do not solve conflicts, on the contrary they cause them.

WE: interested volunteers and competent experts, we persevere each day for constructing together with YOU a real community that no judges, no repress, no excludes people who make mistakes, but educate, create and strengthen bonds.


If you want to real understand why a person is involved in a crime, we cannot face the issue only from the point of view of the Law. Crime is a human factor and, as such, it is a component inside of a relation system more articulated of the one determined by the important normative dimension.

Legal and positive tradition imposed the problem of the crime using models in which the attention is principally focused on the issue itself and on the offender behaviour, leaving to the society in which this person is grown and to victims of crime a minor consideration. During the 1990s some references and approaches about this problem are changed, restoring to the crime a more concrete social dimension and, for that, complex.

Social events, before of being interpreted, must be understood according to their deep characteristics and to the relationships that they produce among the actors involved and about the contest in which they reproduce themselves.

Our approach is not, rhetorically, multidisciplinary: it is a disillusioned approach considers all the actors involved: author, victim and society, analysing causes, dynamics, consequences and training of reparation and reconciliation. This is how we work.


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Angelo Puccia

Angelo Puccia

Foundator | President


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Alessandra Morselli

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Francesca Savazzi

Foundator | Secretary


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