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Donate means believe in a purpose. Our own is SOLIDARITY & JUSTICE for victims, offenders and society.



The best way for donating is by PayPal. This system offer the maximum security and the possibility to donate in more than 25 values, in addition we accept several credit card and prepaid card.

For you is a very simple action, you decide how much and how, for us is an important action.



The most direct way to donate is the free money donation, that can be transferred to the Association using cash money or bank/postal transfer.

Believe in our mission. Do you want to support us in a continuative way? You can request the DD Direct Debit (you decide if: annual, six-monthly, monthly, etc. )

For you is a way to know us directly, for us in an important action.


Free money donation

You can give your contribution with:


Bank Transfer | C/C header to ASSOCIAZIONE LIBRA ONLUS | IBAN IT47 N033 5901 6001 0000 0014 612 | BIC BCITITMX

Bank Cheque | Header: ASSOCIAZIONE LIBRA ONLUS | inviato a: Associazione LIBRA, Via Sandro Pertini n. 6 – 46100 Mantova Contante

Cash Money directly to: Associazione LIBRA ONLUS, Via Sandro Pertini n. 6 – 46100 Mantova



Do you want to making a bequest because you were a beneficiary of our projects or simply because you believe in us? The bequest is a very important donation, linked to the gratitude, to the confidence that you have for our Association and to the importance that you give to our purpose.

For you is a way to leave an important action for the community, for us is an important action that will consent a society more equal, supportive and right.

About the bequest

All the bequest and the donations for LIBRA ONLUS Associations are free for any taxes.


Few people know that is possible to donate goods & services and benefit of deduction for the equivalent value in the tax return. You can donate us instruments and useful aids but also an expert and technical advice, useful to integrate the operative capacity and the efficiency of our Association.

For you is a small action of courtesy and solidarity, for us is an important action.

Donate goods and services

For donate goods or services must conserve the documentation that indicate the real value of what he/she gives to the non-profit association that has the analytical and detailed description of the goods donate with the indication of the related values. The Association needs always goods as: rooms, furniture for home/office, computer equipment, means of transportation but also any goods that sold could give found for the project of the Association. In addition, are always accepted professional service as for example: advices (accountant, layers etc.), spaces for promotion and awareness, work performance (vieo maker, fotos etc.).


Do you want to help us to diffuse the culture and the sensibility towards victims and offender of crimes?

Active together with us your campaign in favour of a social causa about our social aims or participate and support one of our campaigns of awareness in favour of SOLIDARITY & JUSTICE.

For you is an important ethical action, for us is an important virtue sharing with you our mission.