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The I.R.I.S project, has been presented in the field of L.R. 8/2005 – Dgr 1004 del 29/11/2013 by partners web that see as first in line Cooperativa Hike and unify Cooperativa Sociale Porta Aperta Onlus, Centro Servizi Volontariato Mantovano, Association Libra Onlus, FDE| Institute of Criminology of Mantua, U.E.P.E. Mantua and it involved different areas, among them that of the reparative justice of which LIBRA Association is the promoter.



I.R.I.S., along with the experience gained in the past by LIBRA Association Onlus (project “RiparAzioni” 2013-2014), aim to reinforce the knowledge theoretical and practical and to diffuse a culture of reparative justice, considered as a possible answer to the failure of which we must take note, of the paradigm retributive-rehabilitative. Belongs to everyone, so also to society and not only to experts, the necessity to consider the crime not only, in formal terms, as violation of the penal norms, but also – and moreover – as a substantial point of view, where the deviant act is valuate as a damage provoked to the direct and indirect victims.


Operators of the network, Public Authorities, third sector and people that are subjected to measures of the legal authority.

Working Group

Cooperativa Hike

Cooperativa Sociale Porta Aperta Onlus
Centro Servizi Volontariato Mantovano
Associazione LIBRA Onlus
FDE | Istituto di Criminologia di Mantova
U.E.P.E. Mantova e Cremona
Casa Circondariale di Mantova

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