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The problems affecting safety arise in different ways. One of them is undoubtedly the preservation of security within residential areas: in big cities, in provincial ones and in neighbourhoods. Ensuring the expectation of “security” it is not simple precisely because of its aspects and segmentations which this term includes: criminal, social, work related, political, etc.

In any case there is the opportunity to achieve a concept that identify itself with a precise goal, that is the need for the citizen to lead a regular life: a security intended as preservation of standard quality of life. The expectation of security of the average citizen is that which the places where he/she lives are not unsettled by events that modify his/her properties and in particular his/her routine.


The approach with which INNES INNES (Intimate Neighborhood Strengthening) intends to face caused by the feeling of insecurity among citizens of the two cities part of the project (Mantova and Pegognaga) is essentially based on the strengthening of neighbourhood relationships. This method focuses on the concept of solidarity, social cohesion the increase of the social capital in residential areas through the creation and/or strengthening of the social connections among communities and institutions.

We believe that this approach has developments not exclusively linked to the concept of normative security and so criminological, but also it is able to produce significant influence on the community that will decide to adopt it.


Citizens of Mantua and Pegognaga


Working Group

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano
FDE| Istituto di Criminologia di Mantova

In association with
Politecnico di Milano
Comune di Mantova
Comune di Pegognaga

Members of the cobweb
Associazione Libra Onlus
Comitato Cittadini Peter Pan
Lunetta nel Cuore


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flag_yellow_lowWith the financial support of the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme. European Commission − Directorate–General Home Affairs. “INNES − Intimate Neighbourhood Strengthening” ISEC 2011 − HOME/2011/ISEC/AG/4000002580

Il Nostro Team

Angelo Puccia

Assistant Project Manager, Presidente Associazione Libra Onlus

Marzia Tosi

Jurist and Criminology, FDE|Institute of Criminology

Mauro Bardi

Criminal Lawyer and Criminologist, FDE|Institute of Criminology

Giuseppe Sandri

Jurist and Criminologist, FDE|Institute of Criminology

Laura Maria Gagliardi

INNES Daily Project Coordinator, Operator, Counselor and Psychologist Libra Onlus Association

Luigi Caracciolo

Responsible of the Mantua Interforce Prosecutor Office, FDE|Institute of Criminology

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