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The number of people detained in Italy is increased in the last ten years of 80%, differently from structures and spaces that are always the same and so more and more uninhabitable. The general overcrowding that caused differences among operators of the prison and condemns together with problematics and inhuman aspects (as the decadence of structures and, in some cases, the absence of spaces for sociality, of green areas and any structure for sport) are the result of the lack of priority of a life in prison. Actually less than 30% of the condemns has a work in prison that consists mainly in clean service and preparation/distribution of rooms; in addition, the distance from residential areas with the lack of public transport – that characterise much of the Italian prisons – obstacles also the small percentage of partly-free condemns that work for external employers.



The intervention proposed intends to achieve the following general purposes

  1. Favouring the future social reintegration of the people detained in the Casa Circondariale of Mantua, through an educative and training path, in a human condition that consent them to take their spaces back orienting the condemns to invest their time planning a future dedicated to satisfy not only primary but also secondary needs (Scale of needs of Maslow);
  2. Create and potential a formal and informal network on the territory that could translate in a possibility, for the detainee, to obtain a great number of occasions formative and working that consent a real, social and economic reintegration;
  3.  Sensitise the territory of the province of Mantua about the theme of the social integration of the condemns at the end of their custodial training with the aim of develop in the society of return a culture of reception.


Detainees of the Correctional Facility of Mantua


The project that our association devised demonstrates a willingness to work at the service of all citizens, even the weakest, with a view to recovery of the detainees most ready” (from the point of view of motivation in particular) so that they can enjoy a comprehensive training that will take them more easily to come into contact with the other” citizens, this time head on.

Hours of work-training

Detainees trained

M2 riqualified in prison



Working Group

Associazione LIBRA Onlus
Casa Circondariale di Mantova
Laboratorio Scuola di Architettura e Società – Politecnico di Milano – Polo di Mantova
FDE | Istituto di Criminologia di Mantova
Assessorato al Welfare del Comune di Mantova
La S.B. di Saccardo Alessandro e Bonatti Mauro S.N.C.

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