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What is the typical day of a detainee? What happens when the prison training ends? In the first case the boredom win compared with the non-existent opportunities; in the second case the ex-detainee, if he/she hasn’t any particular resource (social, family or economic) it is rare the possibility to provide autonomously to his/her social reintegration, so he/she needs adequate answers, as the opportunity to start trainings or a new career in the world of work. Can we use the time available in a context that re-educate and not only contain?

The answers of these questions can contribute to limit the risk of recidivism and to give to the citizenship a concrete signal of interest towards change and responsibility.


The project far from constituting itself as a definitive resolution of the problem of the “after prison”, demonstrates confidence in the possibilities of social rehabilitation of a subject coming from the detention facility, the same confidence expressed by the legislator that, also thorough the prevision of the benefits of the prison and alternative measures of detention, has the purposes to transform the punishment in a period of social rehabilitation. The opportunity that Association LIBRA Onlus offers to detainees is both formative and working and, even it is developed inside detention facilities, it poses the basis for a real social integration after the detention.

The specific objectives of the project, that is structured in 12 months, are the following:

  1. Developing the activity of bookbinding inside the prison of Mantua, in a way to create a process of continuity and stabilisation of the production thanks to a self-finance thorough the selling of the object produced, managed by LIBRA Onlus Association and its partnership. This action is possible also thanks to the presence in the detention facility of machines and instruments necessaries for the process of production: 1 cold gluing, 1 bookbinder, 1 plastify machine , 1 foil stamping machine, numeric characters mm 4-5-6-7, threads for shearing machine in bronze n.16, 2 stamp in bronze with emblem;
  2. Realising a course of informatics literacy as obligatory passage for the successive access to the training path (training for the use of the bookbinding below);
  3. Realising a training course specific about the bookbinding activity, including: the teaching of the principals techniques of production, to personalised and artistic products of high standard; a training course for informatics for the utilisation of the principal programmes of commercial arts, useful to the promotion of the products outside the detention facility;
  4. Realising actions of information especially on the territory of the province of Mantua about the productive activity inside the prison, for increasing the selling of the finished products for self-financing incrementing the work hours of detainees and contributing substantially to give a fictive and concrete answer to the problem of employment of the detainees’ time;
  5. Realisation of actions of awareness especially of the territory of Mantua about the possibility to re-education of the detainees actuated thorough a concrete work occasion with its results about social impact, allowing the future reintegration in the community of a person “again free and competent”.


Detainees of the Correctional Facility of Mantua



In 2012, thanks to the responsibility of some detainee trained during the project “Liberi di Legare”, started the project ” CartoLab | Laboratorio di cartotecnica e legatoria artigianale” as an opportunity of work for n. 2 detainees. Nowadays, the workshop is actually closed for absence of qualified manpower for turn-over.


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In 2012 thanks to the interest of some detainees, the project “Liberi di Legare” create CARTOLAB | Hand-craft workshop of paper industry and bookbinding that can produce packages, file folders and any other object with carton and with paper.

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