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The violence against women is a serious and spread case also in the province mentioned. According to the data furnished by “Telefono Rosa” of Mantua, only in 2010, the women that asked for help were 112, 81%italians, 68% with children that were defenceless witnesses of the violence exercised against their mothers. The psychological abuse is increasing in this period in Mantua (78% in 2010). The physical abuse reach 51% while the economic one 24% and the sexual abuse 14%. In total, in the last three years, “Telefono Rosa” listened 360 women between 35 and 60 years. It is principally a domestic violence (<70%) and it manifests itself in different forms: physic, psychological, economical or sexual violence. The women that face this violence belong to all the social class, to all the age and it is very difficult for them to denounce the violence suffered because of: shame, that is because the humiliation suffered and the fear of another act of violence destroy autonomy and self-respect causing the fear of a social judge – because also nowadays there is a cultural legitimacy to the violence against women, especially the domestic one that remain characterised by silence and fallacy, that do not help women to answer -for them and for their children, often younger – to these serious situations.

This new dynamic is particularly true for the territory described above – province of Mantua – where the Azienda Ospedaliera Carlo Poma work, because it is possible that – in small municipalities – the victim, the aggressor and the operator know each other, causing problems as emotive reactions (also for the operator) and resistance of the victim to the help.

A “programme of action unified and coordinated in support of the victims of violence and abuse” for fight against and prevent the so-called “Cyrcle of Violence” (Walker, 1970).





The programme – in form of operative document – must pursue the main objective of the exit from the partiality of occasional and fragmentary measures- often ineffective and expensive- for promoting interventions for increasing the capacity to respond to problems of the people victims of violence.

The proposals above do not risk to face the theme only from an official and institutional point of view, promoting only actions of awareness of gender policies. Women suffer violence and abuses – with their children- need immediately a real and prompt support activity (social & health, psychological, legal, etc.). This is possible towards the construction of a “coordinated service network ” – present in the Operative Protocol that is the object of this programme – on one side, for activing shared methodologies of prevention, contrast and intervention; on the other side, for emerging the phenomenon of gender violence.

Offering a constant protection for the most vulnerable section (women) can significantly help for the emersion of the gender violence. In detail, two are the phases present in the document: the first for the management of the emergence and the first aid; the second of follow-up and exit from the violence, a unify path of support in which all are conscious of the final aim (exist from the circle of the violence) and their role within the process.




This programme proposal represent hence the serious will, from the Ufficio Sviluppo e Formazione dell’A.O. Poma di Mantova, to start a process for an integrated support for victims of crime, devoting in primis to start a shared paths for the training of the health operators about violence on women, as well as project and test – also with LIBRA no-profit of Mantua and other local partners – a procedure for answering to situations of sexual, domestic violence and stalking, able to coordinate according to the method evidenced based, some multidisciplinary interventions in favour of the person in charge. The support of the Dipartimento Pari Opportunità – Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri consent a major efficacy in the future here exposed. The project guarantees the resources- economics and of institutional legitimacy – for transforming the intervention of a single person (public Authorities or social private), as well as the training initiative addressed to heath operators, in unify “Asset for the exit to the violence. The integrations the key concept on which poses its bases this proposal. It is not a set of intervention of sustain and care of the victim, the project want to unify, in time and mode, the specialist contribution so that they can be really useful to the overcoming of the victimological condition and to the recovery of the decisional and management autonomy of the woman dedicated to the exit from the negative circle of the violence of which the woman was victim.

In the acceptations that this project assumes, the integration is the following:



All the women victims of crime of Mantua and Province


Working Group

Ufficio sviluppo e formazione dell’A.O. Poma di Mantova
Associazione Libra Onlus
FDE Istituto di Criminologia di Mantova

supported by
Dipartimento Pari Opportunità – Presidenza del consiglio dei ministri


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