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The presence of the phenomenon of the organised criminality on the territory of Mantua has been recently objects of several moments of shared reflections among institutions and private authority/association that have voluntary decided to publicly speak of this problematic, that, is known by many but always it is unsaid, and it is exactly in the silence that the underground dynamics finds power and opportunity of proliferation.

We believe interesting stand what is the perception of the phenomenon among people of the province of Mantua. The research poses as its principal goal the collection of information towards a scientific questionnaire absolutely anonymous and randomised: the successive analysis of the answer will consent to discuss in order to social perception of the phenomena exanimated and will supply some useful indications about the prevention and policies of security.



Starting from information that can be concretely verified, it can be possible to find the perception of the mafia or of organised criminality phenomenon on the territory and of consequence if people are conscious of the system that is present and to which level. The next step consist in the proposal on intervention together with the institutions for understand how to spread better the message of the importance of denouncing situations of criminality for the benefit of the economic society in particular.


The idea is to realise the research through some specific phases of action that will be extended during a period of 24 months.

Phase 1: ideation of the questionnaire to give to a representative simple, in terms of quantitative, of the people resident in the province of Mantua, that is heterogeneous on several levels: municipality of residence, age, gender, profession and randomised (the research does not consider the selection of the simple, for maintaining the capacity of representativeness of the perception of people in a broad sense). In this way we want to ensure a vision and a broad spectrum data collection, not only focused on a clear target. The questionnaire is composed by 13 items structured (that is closed) and 1 item open, simple to read and understand, absolutely in anonymous form;

Phase 2: identification of the perception of representativeness of the simple and the modalities of distribution and collection. In particularly we want to involve about 10% of the provincial population (stable to 412.607 citizen – according to the demographic observatory of the province of Mantua 2009). This imply the distribution of about 42.000 questionnaire. The distribution and giving of the questionnaire will be both with paper (by hand/post office box/public places) and on-line (Institute FDE and other project partners volunteers). The distribution of the paper will be by hand, also counting on personal knowledge of members. The collection of the filled paper documents can be realised by closed container placed in places frequented habitually by people (supermarkets of big dimension/schools/municipalities/common places/ public places where the authorisation must be ask). It will be possible to become a point of reference for the collection of the questionnaires, that does not expect any sensible information, that everybody can delivered to the Institute FDE or to its partners;

Phase 3: examination of the document and elaboration of the data resulted. In a first moment there will be the realisation of a Database useful to a unique and objective inclusion of the answers included in the questionnaires withdraw. The results will be elaborated in statistic form and subsequently it will contribute to produce a narrative elaboration wrote by experts coming from the Scientific Coordination of the Advanced High School of Criminological Sciences – CRINVE, Institute FDE that can produce additional reflexions.

Phase 4: the diffusion of the results will be widespread with the consensus conference and dedicated moments by 3 scientific publications and a monograph, edited by FDE Institute Press

Phase 5: Confront with Public Institution and joint proposal of actions/ intervention. Divulgation of the study also towards meetings addressed in a schools.



Citizen of the province of Mantua.



The administration of the survey allowed a detection uneven perception of citizens at the provincial level. Far from regarding a study statistically representative however, it has allowed it to expand its functionality moving from instrument of detection to instruments of detection-awareness. The survey is simple open to a new filling and results will be always available by reports (last report August 2014). The research is complete auto-followed no contribution has been received for its development.

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