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The general aim of the project is the support for victims of crime in the broad sense with the particular regard of specific vulnerable groups (women, children, senior and disabled). The project VIS Network has its operative basis in the Community rule (COM. N.274, DIR N.275 e ss.) and has its methodological basis of the experiences stabilised by the Centres of Support for Victims of Crime present on the northern European territory (in particular Victim Support England & Wales and Verenging Organisatie Slachtofferhulp). VIS Network will develop itself by awareness and implementation of local network of assistance to victims in provincial territories of Mantova, Pisa and Livorno.The attention is focalised on the rights of the victim, subject that in precise moments and for some conditions he/she lives a situation of major vulnerability and for so, he/she needs particular information, protection, support during the legal and psycho-social training.



The different phases of the project are the following: the strengthening of the local network by actions of awareness on the theme, the joint training of operators of the institutions in charge and involved in the process of the assistance of the victim, the conclusion of protocols of agreements among associations and institutional partners of the territory to determine joint and common measures for the protection /support for the victims of crime in a broad sense, the drafting of the operative procedures planned for the management of the provincial Centre of Support for Victims of Crime.



The coordination manages budgets and activities, coordinates the partnership, organises meetings between partners, and assures the respect of the procedures, the deadline and of the monitoring and financial reporting. Partners realise jointly – each one with the budget assigned and each one with its human resources – actions agreed and detailed in the Convention among partnerships.

Creation of the network

It can be realised among local subjects for the assistance to victims of common crime, is formalised with network’s pacts, one for each field interested by the project (Livorno, Pisa, Mantova). In Mantova is created the mapping of the local service for constructing the network.

Information and diffusion

It can be realised some informative campaigns dedicated to different target groups of victims, using different media for favouring the linguistic and cultural accessibility, the arguments linked to the theme of rights, social prevention for people exposed to the risk of criminal activity, lifestyles and behaviours of high risk of victimisation. Some articles of a scientific nature are edited for favouring the diffusion also in the academic field. An international conference on victimology is organised at the end of the project.

Training for operators

It is organised a joint training of operators that will be in connection with victims, addicted operators that work for the institutions in charge and involved in the process of the treatment (police force, sanitary service, etc.). Educative trainings, one for each area of interest, in two editions for each area, with a modular scan and the personalisation of the users. Each training include a workshop for the exchange of good practices among operators in different field and it is envisaged a workshop with international contributions. At the end of the training, the Guided Lines are edited for the operators that managed a Centre for the Victims.

Memorandum of Understanding

MoU are stipulated among the institutional partners of the local network for establishing joint measures for the protection/support of victims: between Police Force and the Authorities in charge for assure the coordinate development on the territory of the actions about security and assistance.

The pilot action: activation of the “Centres of the support to victims”

A new methodology is ideated for the creation of “Center of support to victims”, with procedures learned by the operators during the trainings by visits and “job trainings” in Centre of support to victims already existent in Italy, by a focus group on themes of interest, meetings and exchange for the importation of good practices. It is also planned an elaboration of a method of evaluation for the victims and the scientific diffusion.



Victims of crime in the broad sense. In particular vulnerable groups (women, children, senior and disabled).

Working Group

Provincia di Livorno
Provincia di Pisa

Co-beneficiary Partners
Università di Pisa
FDE Istituo di Criminologia

Associated Partners
Soc. Coop. Alce Nero Onlus
AIGA Mantova
AUSER Mantova
CAV – Centro Aiuto alla Vita di Mantova

Comune di Mantova
Polizia di Stato
Società della salute di Pisa
Az. Usl 6 di Livorno – Toscana
Azienda Ospedaliera Carlo Poma di Mantova
Provincia di Mantova


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