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Vedere per credere!Prison is outlaw (CEDU, 2009, 2013) because…

  • The dimensions of cells are inadequate
  • The space per person often do not exceed 4 m2
  • It often lacks of places dedicated for meal time
  • It is not re-edicative: 70% of peple that exit from prisoncommit another crime
  • It does not protect family bonds
  • It does not facilitate the social and working reinsertion
  • It does not allow condemns to repair the damage provoked

IN SHORT: it does not respect social rights!

Diamo i numeri!We can act if nothing of all this happen,      in this way…

  • The European Court, as it has already done in 2009 and 2012, will equally condemn us: 500 appeals  about the inhuman conditions of our prisons are equally suspended and these will cause high costs for the community
  • Prison will continue to produce new crimes and insecurities
  • There can be no re-education and reparation of the damages provoked to victims and society
  • It will be new excluded insted of social reintegration
  • People will continue to give ” exclusive” labers to others
  • The recidivism of crimes wille continue and there will be new victims and so insecurities

IN SHORT: Contributors will pay all the costs!

Numeri alternativiOn the other hand, we can choose to intervene and so…

  • We can promote the use of alternative punishments to prison
  • We can avail in a better way of community service order, allowing to the offender of crime to become responsible and to confront his/herself with the community of reference about the damage caused and because we allow him/her to apologise publicly to victims and society
  • We can avoid new condemnation from the European Supreme Court
  • We can contribute to the real re-education and reparation of the damage, creating a society more cohesive, inclusive and safe
  • We can publicise the culture of legality
  • We can demolish the prejudice that has legitimate the exclusion of people that made a mistake, helping them to understand the error made
  • We will give a better future to children and families of the condems, allowing them to grow away from revenge and sufferance

TOGETHER: we can go beyond the wall of fear, prejudice and prison!



INVEST ON: work, education and family & community relationships!

There are not only elements of that penal treatment that needs to re-educate the condemn but this fields are also a concrete possibility of re-integration! In addition, if it is oriented to upgrade the living conditions inside the walls can help to…legalise the prison! And so this can avoid our conviction! Remember: legality is contagious!


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