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Association LIBRA Onlus, always careful about the dynamics of mediation and of the pacific management of the conflict, obtained the financing of the project RiparAzioni under the Public Note of the commitment of projects that had the object some interventions in favour of people subjected to measures of judicial authority and their families (promoted by  Regione Lombardia with DGR n°4333 of 26 October 2012 e d.d.g. n° 222 of the 18 January 2013) . The initiative is part of a positive trend that identifies always more spaces to the standard of the reparative justice, understood as a new way to walk through in the field of the probation: restorative justice represents certainly a new provocation for the experts that must take into account against all the peculiarity that define it.
The instruments of the reparative justice reach, through the involvement of all the parts engaged by the crime, to recreate an equilibrium mined by the detrimental consequences of the crime itself. Some concepts of crucial importance, so come to light, as that of the will of the parties and that of the take of responsibility of the offender relating to the fact committed.



The project “RiparAzioni” aims to diffuse not only the theoretical knowledge of the instruments of the restorative justice, but also to realise trainings that make offenders responsible thanks to reparative concrete actions. The initiative will be constantly evaluated and supervised taking in consideration the objective indicators suitable to reveal if – as we hope – the model can qualify itself as good practice and becoming a pilot project to reproduce in further places. In order to achieve these objectives, Association LIBRA Onlus, in collaboration with U.E.P.E. Mantua and with FDE Institute of Criminology of Mantova, elaborated an initiative addressed to U.E.P.E. operators, those coming from to the third sector and to the voluntary sector, as well as to subjects in probation.


The operators mentioned above will be invited to free participate to a course of 24 hours, in which the principal instruments of justice will be delineate and applicable in concrete cases. The appointed professors are experts at the international level, coming from the academic and institutional world. After the course, it will be the possibility to conduct, only for the operators of U.E.P.E. Mantova with the supervision of criminological experts, interviews of empowerment with the subjects in probation that had adhered to the initiative: the provocation that we want to accept with this training is to enable reparative actions from the offender.

For subjects in probation the offer will consist in a course of 10 hours of education to legality and in the active participation to the interviews mentioned above, that are necessary for achieving a serious and necessary reflection that constitute the base for the starting point making possible…RiparAzioni!



U.E.P.E. operators, the third sector and the voluntary sector, as well as to subjects in probation

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Associazione LIBRA Onlus


U.E.P.E Mantova

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